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Gtdroid diary 29/10/2010

The 1.X version fully nozbe api implemented works and:

  1. Sync is fast, I mean really fast 
  2. Anything else that need to connect to nozbe is slow, I mean really slow
So no release for now, but I'm working on a offline version (fast) that can sync with nozbe really fast!

First work looks good. I'll keep you informed



Everything done in version 1.1 has been converted to the Nozbe API.

The result is faster sync and slower single action (done, undone, star, unstar, create...)

I want the next version to be better than the previous one from in every angle so I'll release the new Gtdroid after implementing offline modification and a sync that works :)

The following picture of one of my cat is named: "I love my remote"
Now you know who own the TV control every night!



Today I finished the:

  1. create project
  2. create context
  3. create action 


09/10/2010 Gtdroid 1.1.5 WIP and mysql Copying to tmp table problem

Today after almost a week without working on Gtdroid I manage to find 4 hours to work on it.
I worked on version 1.1.5. It now use the api and SYNC is really fast: less than 10 seconds for my nozbe account with 40+ project 100+ actions.
Next step is to write the done/undone, star/unstar, create/edit/delete of action.

After the fun part (gtdroid) I got to solve a mysql problem for a client of mine who just migrate from physical to cloud 2 of his production servers. An application server report 200+ connection to the mysql while on the old platform 30 was enough.
After some search I found out that some queries where stuck on the "copying to tmp table" and blocked all other queries.

my.cfg was not filled in with the right value for this kind of load, really it's was just empty!
I use the following page as a good start and configure my.cfg the -almost- right way.

A bientot


Gtdroid diary

This week end I'll dedicate sometime to the current Gtdroid release to improve it and add the api calls instead of my current "reverse-engineering" calls :-)

Nozbe team gave me the production key !!!! yeah


New presentation and work

This week I'll not be able to work on Gtdroid as I have to teach 2 courses: "network for IT managers" and "Java Basics"

Network for IT manager is a course to present the theory of network for persons who talk with IT staff and what to be sure to understand their needs and be able to provide the right solutions. The course last one day plus another one for special requests

Java basic is the starting point to become a java programmer; the course includes all the basics and can be customized for mobile (android) programming.